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Acadian believes that stocks are often mispriced relative to fair value, and that these pricing inefficiencies can be exploited by an active, disciplined valuation process. Adding value for our clients requires using multiple valuation factors and a structured, risk-controlled approach. Acadian creates portfolios with attractive fundamental value characteristics, favorable near-term earnings trends and customized risk control. We achieve this by evaluating the broadest possible universe of investment opportunities, using multiple stock and peer group valuation factors. Extensive use of technology maximizes the value of our information, while a structured, objective portfolio construction process ensures risk control.

Institutional Products

Strategy Name Asset Class Style
Acadian ACWI ex US Equity International Equity Value
Acadian Emerging Markets Equity Emerging Markets Equity Value
Acadian European Equity European Equity
Acadian Global Equity Global Equity Value
Acadian Japan Equity International Equity Value
Acadian Non-U.S. All-Cap Equity International Equity Value
Acadian Non-U.S. Concentrated Equity International Equity Value
Acadian Non-U.S. Equity International Equity Value
Acadian Non-U.S. Small-Cap Equity International Equity Value
Acadian U.S. Value Equity U.S. Equity Value
ACWI ex-US 130/30 Equity International Equity Value

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